Spring AC Maintenance Check-Up Reminder

By March 11, 2018Blog

Spring is a good time to consider your homes AC system for a maintenance check-up! Air conditioners are no longer considered a luxury, they have become a fundamental necessity. Here in Florida we would be remiss if we did not end that with an Exclamation point!!!

As property managers, when we get an air conditioning call we have no choice but to send a contractor out immediately. Routine maintenance is key to reducing overall expenses.

If you do not have a regular maintenance contract currently we would urge you to do so. A twice a year check up can save those dreaded “midnight on Friday” calls from occurring.

As you know we have organized a unique and very successful program of supplying filters and notifying tenants to change them every two months. This was instituted out of the realization that clogged filters are one of the biggest causes for failure. The other is clogged condensate pipes. Over time fungus grows in the pipes and the water passage becomes blocked and water blocks up. This is especially harmful in condos where damage to other units can occur.

Here is our call to ACTION:
1.) Consider a maintenance contract for your property. We are happy to assist you with alternatives and pricing.

2.) If you are not currently participating in our filter program sign on for the next anniversary date.

3.) Take advantage of a special offer we have procured from our preferred AC vendor. They are offering a complete maintenance check-up for $55.00. That is a $20.00 savings over their normal $75.00 fee.

Call our office to discuss and/or schedule your service. 239-454-5156 ext #2.