Client Services

Client services

You are eager to begin maximizing the return on your investment by renting your rental property or portfolio of rental properties with Gulf Pointe Properties.  Maybe you have had your properties for awhile and are just now beginning to wonder what kind of profit you might be able to make if you were able to find qualified renters for these properties.  Your thoughts are interrupted with the possible rental horror stories you have heard or possibly even experienced in years past.  You need to find the right fit, but getting started might seem a little overwhelming.

What Next?  Gulf Pointe Properties will guide you through each service to determine the option that tailors to your specific needs; Property Management or Tenant Placement.

Ideally, you might like to save the added fees associated with Property Management.  However, the thought of the dreaded 2am phone call with a frantic renter on the other end hysterically explaining “the water heater has burst and the water is gushing” is a potential scenario no owner wants to face.

For most, the fee associated with Property Management is minimal and well worth the peace of mind knowing that if something were to happen, there is a fully-qualified team who will immediately handle these issues in Fort Myers, Estero, Bonita Springs and Naples.  For seasonal owners, the monthly taxes are filed and the financial management burdens are lifted from your shoulders.  The ability to log in to the website portal and view financials, work orders, property updates and photos enables the owner to maintain a finger on the theoretical pulse of their rental home(s) at any given time.

Gulf Pointe Properties offers 2 sectors of our Rental Division: