4 Ways SWFL Rental Property Owners Can Prepare for Hurricane Season

By June 15, 2018Blog

As the 2018 hurricane season gets underway, we are reminded of the importance of preparing for a hurricane before it hits. Even though Hurricane Irma has long passed, the effects she left behind are long-lasting for many of us. But as the saying goes, you can’t control the weather.

So, how can you prepare your investment property Management Estero, Fort myers so that you are less likely to incur costly damages?4 Ways SWFL Rental Property Owners Can Prepare for Hurricane SeasonHere are 4 ways rental property owners can prepare for the hurricane season NOW:

1. Review your insurance coverage. The time to review your insurance policy is before you have to file a claim. Contact your insurance company today to ensure you have the proper coverage in the event of a hurricane.

2. Trim trees. Broken limbs and fallen trees were a big reason behind widespread power outages during Irma. Fallen branches not only knock out power, they also damage roofs and dent cars.

3. Have a plan to prepare your home. Owners are advised to make provisions to secure their property. Your homeowner’s association is a good resource for shutter/plywood installer recommendations and Gulf Pointe Properties will also make every effort to have vendors accessible to assist with preparation, but we cannot guarantee their availability during a storm.

4. Have a disaster recovery plan in place. It is important to have a disaster recovery plan in place. That way, once a hurricane has passed the proper insurance and repair teams can more quickly assess the damage and begin working towards repair or replacement. Gulf Pointe Properties’ tenants are urged to immediately report any damage through the portal, including photos and video.